It is not always possible to make appointments in person. I work from Mexico City but the internet allows me to be available to anyone across the world.

There are also other benefits of utilising the online format. Many people feel more comfortable receiving therapy in the familiarity of their own home without having to attend an office where they might feel vulnerable. Others have difficulties making it to appointments through mobility problems or time and travel constraints. Some find that the computer format actually allows them to express themselves more freely than in a face-to-face meeting and come to prefer working through their computers in such a way, which is fine with me. If someone is more comfortable working in a certain way then I am happy to accommodate.

I can schedule appointments virtually any day of the week or at any time of the day within reason, so it is both a flexible and convenient option to consider.

  • One hour sessions cost 50.00 USD. Payment can be made on the 'Payment' page of this blog. 
  • Consultations are free of charge, and I am perfectly happy to answer any question either through  an arranged Skype meeting or via email.

What can be done in a one hour hypnosis session?

Many things! I have known clients to climb up onto a step ladder after just one session of hypnosis when before they were afraid of heights and could not even stand on a chair without feeling the effects of vertigo. Hypnosis can be used for almost anything. If you are not sure there is no harm in asking (or reading more of Connecting Hypnotherapy...)

What will I need to proceed?

  • Computer or Smartphone with the free 'Skype' or 'Oovoo' software downloaded onto it. (click on the links to find out how each one works and to download the software)
  • A good internet connection to maintain quality of call.
  • A webcam (either inbuilt or external)
  • Headphones are preferable for sound quality
  • A microphone so you can talk back (usually inbuilt, but the ones that come as a mouth piece with headphones are highly recommended)
  • Or come and visit me!
Putting yourself on the video as well as actually being able to see your therapist might not sound so important, but it is very hard to complete hypnosis over the phone alone because the visual link to hypnotic communication is so vital.

Anything else?
  • You will need to find somewhere quiet and peaceful.
  •  Somewhere you will not be disturbed by phone calls, pets, children or anything else that could distract you. For this short amount of time you need to be dedicated ONLY to yourself and nothing else.
  • Somewhere comfortable, perhaps your favourite chair with a blanket handy to keep yourself at a warm temperature.
Hypnosis is an incredibly relaxing experience whether it is conducted through a computer or in person, and is proved to be a highly successful and rapid method to solve a broad range of mind-related problems. If you think hypnosis could be for you feel free to send an inquiry and I would be more than happy to serve you with the information you require. me to Skype

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